Storefront / EBC
Amazon Brand Registry gives you a lot of additional opportunities to increase the attractiveness of your brand and more fully convey its features and benefits to the buyer. A+ page and Storefront are a must-have for the owner of the trademark. You reveal the advantages of your product and brand as fully as possible without the limitations of the photo listing. Here there is a field for creativity and a great opportunity to build up from competitors and present your product and brand in the best light.
A short interview with you in order to get a general idea of your business and your goals
You fill out our brief, which will be our guiding star
We send you 3 versions of the concept of your choice with a presentation
After we have approved the final version with you, we will send you the original layouts
How we work
Enhanced Brand Content

• EBC for a single product with text, graphics, product integration, video

• Storefront for one brand with text, graphics, product integration, video
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